Thursday, September 20, 2012

Abigail Mowen on Obtaining a Scholarship

As the price of a college education goes higher and higher, many students are becoming quite concerned about their ability to pay for the education they'll need in order to succeed in the workforce. While students could respond by obtaining jobs and working as hard as they can to save up money with which to pay for school, Abigail Mowen says that students can also work hard in class and obtain good scholarships for school. With these scholarships in place, paying for school becomes much easier. These are the steps that Abigail Mowen took in order to obtain the scholarships she needed for her education.

Good grades and high test scores are incredibly important in the race to obtain a scholarship, Abigail Mowen says. Many administrators won't even consider applicants who don't have high scores, as they don't think these students will have the ability to perform well in college-level classes. In order to do well in classes, students should be committed to studying for all of their tests, even if they think those tests will be easy to "ace." Students need to perform well, Abigail Mowen says, and that might mean studying hard.

In addition, Abigail Mowen says that scholarship administrators often like to see students who have well-rounded backgrounds at school. Students should be able to demonstrate that they have participated in sports, done well in student government, Abby recommends that students look for opportunities that they truly enjoy. That way, the activities won't seem like "work," and they will be easier for students to participate in without resentment.