Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Abigail Mowen on the Tulane University Honors Program

As an exceptional student with a remarkable grade point average, Abigail Mowen was provided with many options when she began searching for colleges and universities to attend. At the end of a long deliberation period, she chose Tulane University. The honors program was responsible, in part, for her decision. 

Tulane University offers students a world-class education on a beautiful campus, says Abigail Mowen, and the institution also seems to recognize that exceptional students need a bit of extra support in order to succeed in a standard college environment. The honors program is designed to help students do just that. As a member of this program, Abigail Mowen will have an opportunity to take special classes that present information in greater depth than they are covered in standard classes. These are bound to be interesting to advanced students like Abigail Mowen. In addition, Abby will have the opportunity to present a thesis, and she will be given tutorials on courses such as physics, American history and biology. 

Honors program members are also given the opportunity to live in specialized dorms, full of other honors students. This may allow Abigail Mowen the opportunity to form study groups with students who live right down the hall, and she might have the chance to learn tips and tricks that others use in order to succeed in college. It should be an ideal place for Abby to live. 

Abigail Mowen feels certain that these advanced courses, as well the advanced mentoring and monitoring she will receive in the program, will allow her to succeed in school and obtain an exceptional education. She should be able to build upon this education, or she should be prepared to simply enter the workforce when her Tulane degree is complete. It's a wonderful opportunity for Abigail Mowen, and she's thrilled to be part of this program.